Interview Tips

People never get a second chance to make a first impression. Your success or failure in getting the job is determined within the first few minutes of the interview and so it is important for you to create a positive first impression.

Never expect that your profile and work experience will crack the interview for you, you your self have to convince the interviewer that why you are the right candidate for that particular job.

These below mentioned are the basic tips to hunt any job in the industry:

  • Collect the details about company and the job profile before going for the interview.
  • Prepare yourself according to FAQs in the previous job interviews.
  • Keep all the points in your mind which you have written in your profile about your experience, projects, responsibilities and current company details (if you are working in any company).
  • Reach to the interview venue 15 minutes before the schedule time.
  • Avoid chew gum and smoking at / just before your interview.
  • Switch off your cell phone or keep on silent mode .
  • Be sure to have a firm handshake, smile on your face, maintain eye contact, feel confident and have positive body language.
  • Listen carefully to questions and if you don't understand a question, politely ask for clarification.
  • Give the answer of asked question with appropriate examples.
  • Read the interviewer's mood. If the interviewer is formal, then you should be formal. If the interviewer is casual, then be slightly for casual while remaining professional.
  • Don't talk too much; avoid long discussion unless interviewer doesn't want.
  • If you don't have the answer of any question, simply say that you are not sure about that, never try to mislead the interviewer.
  • Maintain an eye contact with interviewer while replying any answer, which shows that you are confident and honest.
  • Express authentic interest in this position you have applied for. Tell the interviewer about the inherent aspects of the job, which are of particular interest for you.
  • Never discuss anything about salary unless interviewer don't discuss with you.
  • Never put any negative points about previous employer.
  • At the end of the interview, every interviewer asked that, "do you have any question?" This is the right time to ask any relative questions you have about the company or position. Asking a question shows the interviewer that you are interested in the job. You can also follow up on anything that the interviewer tells you during the interview.
  • As your interview has been finished from interviewer ends leave the interview cabin with a handshake and thank the interviewer for his/her time.
  • After finishing all the interview formalities inform your consultant so, they can follow up respective SPOC and update you with an appropriate feedback.